Filling the Gap of Communication Between
Educators, Parents, and Teenagers

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;
They listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R. Covey

Our Vision: 

The EDUCATIONSHIP organization prepares young adults for life after high school.


We help establish strong and positive relationships between adolescents and their close community and thus produce a balanced society with high communication skills that support the values ​​of respect and empowering social and emotional inclusion.


How often do you hear parents of teenagers talking about how close they are to their children? How often do you see a teenager hug his parents for no reason? Many parents want the Golden Teen. It is the stereotype of a child that you see a parent post on social media. However, the reality can be very different. 

Adolescence is tough. It is tough on the teenager, the parent, and the teacher. Everybody works through challenges with each other every day. The immediate and extended families don’t have much communication, and when they communicate, it is often result-oriented. The teenager serves as the common bond between the parent and teacher, explaining the judgment. The role of the parent and teacher must change. 

The physiological, mental, and emotional development stages continue to proceed in the same sequence as in previous generations. The easy access to unfiltered information exposes teenagers to information and experiences that sometimes can influence their identity in a negative way. Furthermore, there is a significant responsibility for the adults in the adolescents' surroundings to guide and support them with skills that will help them become successful citizens in the future.

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Our Mission

As an international organization that focuses on empowering youth worldwide, we see a moral obligation and responsibility to enrich educators, parents, and teenagers with skills that strengthen emotional balance.


We are also dedicated to helping educators and families with adolescents establish stable relationships with supportive communication.

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EDUCATIONSHIP offers these programs:

Our programs include various topics that we can design according to the needs of your school. The core workshop is as follows:

College Lecture
Group Meeting

From Educators to Change Agents

3 Sessions of 90 minutes each

  • Leadership styles – What is mine?

  • School’s culture and climate

  • Exploring social justice through adolescents' lens.

  • School’s coping skills with the constant change of the family structure in the 21st century

  • Bridges of communication between school, home, and teens

  • Connecting the dots

Parenting in the 21st century

3 Sessions of 90 minutes each

  • Parenting styles – What is mine?

  • Exploring social justice through adolescents' lens.

  • Tools and strategies to bridge the gap between adolescence and the adults in their lives.

  • Connecting the dots

From Hardships to Relationships for Teens

3 Sessions of 90 minutes each

  • Who am I?

  • The pressures in my life

  • The process of making the right decisions in the face of challenges.

  • Tools and strategies to bridge the gap between adolescence and the adults in their lives.

  • Connecting the dots


About Us

EDUCATIONSHIP provides teens, parents, and teachers with workshops that forge clear and effective communication. We believe that awareness of the “Seven Worlds of A Teen” (Schecter, 2018) provides valuable tools for schools and helps parents guide their children at the critical socio-emotional stage of their life.

"From Hardships to Relationships" program focuses on filling the gap between the different worlds of the teens. Our team includes educated and experienced professionals who work together to form significant changes in society. Our workshops focus on creating strong connections between the different worlds of teens that directly affect their behavior and well-being. The cognitive-behavioral approach provides tools for building communication bridges that lead to relationships and personal empowerment.


EDUCATIONSHIP organization provides additional workshops as follows:



From leadership to excellence


Personal empowerment through theater


(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Practical practices for self-empowerment, coping with stressful situations, and overcoming barriers



The Study of Human Happiness and Prosperity.

Tools for cultivating human talents. 




Build an inclusive culture and improve team engagement


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Noa Schecter

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