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EDUCATIONSHIP provides teens, parents, and teachers with workshops that forge clear and effective communication. We believe that awareness of the “Seven Worlds of A Teen” (Schecter, 2018) provides valuable tools for schools and helps parents guide their children at the critical socio-emotional stage of their life.

"From Hardships to Relationships” program focuses on filling the gap between the different worlds of the teens. Our team includes educated and experienced professionals who work together to form significant changes in society. Our workshops focus on creating strong connections between the different worlds of teens that directly affect their behavior and well-being. The cognitive-behavioral approach provides tools for building communication bridges that lead to relationships and personal empowerment. 

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Consultant Noa Schechter

Noa Schechter has 20 years of experience in the education and business fields.

She is a workshop facilitator, writer, business consultant and an expert in effective communication while focusing on developmental leadership, using tools from positive psychology and NLP.


Dr. Sharon Furman-Lee

Dr. Sharon Furman-Lee is an expert in leadership and motivation with over 20 years of experience in the fields of education and business.

Specializes in building and managing communities in various fields while focusing on making connections and interactive activities combining positive psychology strategies.