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At the Tip of Your Fingers

Every kid needs a champion

Rita Pierson 

Rita Pierson talks about the importance of believing in your child. "Children don't learn from people they don't like", she says. Think about yourself: Who believed in you? Do you think that your teens feel that you believe in them? Please share with us.

Questions Every Teenager Needs to Be Asked 

Laurence Lewars

Teenagers are too insecure to talk about their dreams. These are the words of Laurence Lewars. Early on teenagers have their dreams beaten out of them by life. This talk attempts to revive this lost dream in teenagers across the world. Ask your teens about their dreams and encourage them to achieve it.

What adolescents (or teenagers) need to thrive 

Charisse Nixon

We are hard wired to connect. Nixon shares her ideas on how we can help our youth build meaningful connections. Teach your teens about empathy, gratitude, and forgiveness so they can form meaningful relationships with others.

How to Change your Future - One of the Best Speeches Ever for Millennial

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek talks about the four characteristics that influenced the Millennials: Parenting, Technology, Impatience, Environment. These characteristics are also relevant today. Our workshops focus on each of them deeply to bring awareness towards success.

What Motivates You

Elon Musk

Elon Musk talks about taking risks in life in order to succeed. Without risks and failures, you can't succeed. Watch this YouTube video with your teens and ask them: "What Motivates You?" Encourage them to take risks in life and try things without fearing failure.

What Teenagers Want You to Know

Roy Petitfils

Rejection is not teenagers' greatest fear. Their greatest fear is being invisible. The best gift parents can give their teens is seeing them and acknowledging them and what they love. Do you see your teenager? Do you really care about their interests? Listen to this YouTube video and think about your relationship with your teen.